Cho Hoyoung

Cho Hoyoung makes familiar objects unfamiliar. The artist’s attention is focused not only on the object that has turned unfamiliar, but also the momentum present at the very moment of the object’s transformation. He calls this momentum the ‘interaction that occurs at the state of energy transition.’ This refers to more than just physical energy, and encompasses the exchange of ideological or cognitive changes. Momentums that Cho Hoyoung notices, discovers and observes also include conflicting concepts that differ in their own energies: familiarity and unfamiliarity, stability and instability, sense of ease and sense of discomfort. He reconstructs everyday objects such as stools or hangers into installations that reveal new forms of energy interaction, different from the objects’ original functions. The artist also offers his works to the audience as participatory installations in order to offer new perspectives, encourage questions, and renew the understanding of or feelings about the objects.

  • Cho Hoyoung