“For the sustainable Earth(Geo), Share electricity on-line(Line).” This is the motive and goal behind Geo-Line’s business. Geo-Line saw the problem that blocks the population of electric vehicles lies in the lack of charging infrastructures. The team has complemented this and readily established an electric vehicle charging-payment solution that is linked to Internet of Things(IoT). Geo-Line focused on the fact that there is electricity but the payment infrastructure for charging. The only step to PLUG&PAY solution (Made by Geo-Line) is to replace a socket-outlet to the SPSS(Standby Powerless Security System) socket-outlet. Thereafter, charging electric vehicles would be possible in all locations via portable charger with the built-in SIM card. Geo-Line’s technology was recognized abroad in advance. In 2015, Geo-Line was the only in Korea to receive an invitation from the French Patent Office to participate in the ‘United Nations COP21.’ Also, Geo- Line was the only company from the electric vehicle industry to present the electric vehicle charging solutions and to demonstrate the patented technology. In order to the mass use of electric vehicles, Geo-Line emphasizes that the charging-payment method needs to be simple and inexpensive, that bring sustainable service.

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