M.O.P (Mother of Pearl) is currently developing ceramic based 3D printed composite materials.
“The eye of the researcher,” which has realized the new possibility of 3D printing materials, has prompted and led to the creation of M.O.P. The members of M.O.P are researchers specializing not only in material development, but also in commercialization and mass production based on the material development. The members are creating enhanced composite materials for 3D printing by combining the Nanoparticles Technology and Microcapsulation Technology. The material technology of handling ceramic particles is first and foremost one of the most important technology in the method of hardening the ceramics with light. M.O.P. has now secured 3D printing technology that can produce precise and complex ceramic products through photonic printing as well as through dispersion stabilization and property optimization. There is a variety of fields that utilize material technology for 3D printing. Currently, M.O.P plans to target the global market with products such as chemical reactors and medical devices that utilize Photonic 3D printing and ceramic printing technology combined. M.O.P also provides material based solutions for industries developing ceramic precision parts and high-tech bio parts.

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