Oak Jungho

Oak Jungho works in a wide range of media, including photography, video, installation and performance. His performances are characterized by satirical representations of the space or situation, or awkward interventions. The absurd actions of the performer make the situation appear increasingly more fake and vain. One example is The Noble Spirit, a performance with a person on an inversion table staged over a bathtub. Here, the performer repeats the cycles of standing upright and upside down, with his head falling under water in the bathtub every time he is upside down. The repetition of what one might call submergence or another torture is used by the performer to imitate a caricature image through his unnatural gesture and the facial expression when under water. Oak Jungho calls this the “mimicry of absurd mimicries” caused by the inability to express the distress of the world through distress. Such behaviors and actions of the artist result in a state of nihilation beyond bliss and hatred, or they create a self-portrait that lacks energy.

  • Oak Jungho