Creative Network Platform, ZER01NE

ZER01NE is a space where people of different backgrounds and expertise gather with a shared value for creativity. It is a creative network platform operating at the intersection of “ART,” “TECH,” and “BIZ”. “ART” creators and “BIZ” startups collaborate through their shared language of “TECH” at the playground ZER01NE offers. ZER01NE provides support so that each players’ creativity is realized to its fullest potential and also that their creativity receives the appropriate financial reward. Additionally, ZER01NE seeks to discover the possibility for new innovations resulting from everyone’s collective creativity and immersion that stems from the process of making ideas into reality.


ZER01NE is participant-driven, customized based on needs, and focused on providing a wide variety of dynamic experiences. On-site visitations, open discussions with various experts, and other DIFFERENT LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES are provided to deliver knowledge and skills based on our players’ needs. We support Creators to turn their imaginations into real prototype developments via Community Lab and Media Center within ZER01NE and Makers’ Space, an external partner.


By offering programs that encourage ZER01NE’s core values such as “LEARN,” “NETWORK,” “MAKE,” and “COMMUNICATE,” the platform supports the self-directed project of each creator and startup. Depending on the Players’ needs, various learning environments are presented to help provide appropriate insight for the stages of project planning. Such activities include fieldwork, workshops, and discussion. Every program is intended to be a conversation –– where participants can share their respective experiences and abilities so that their networking may lead to a natural partnership.


ZER01NE promotes projects where creators from diverse disciplines, startups, and external partners grow together. Collaborative projects that combine the expertise of startups and originality of creators generate a synergy that can have a greater social impact. Such synergistic projects are what distinguish ZER01NE from art museums and startup incubators.

Individual projects by ZER01NE creators illustrate a coexistence of artistic practice and technological advancement. For instance, an artistic approach to the use of technology in our society and critical perspectives on our technology-driven society. At the same time, diverse art projects are in progress as well, namely, experiments with different materials, critical works dealing with the current state of media, and the combination of sound art with object installation.

ZER01NE — a platform and creative network where everyone’s creativity is realized — is supported by Hyundai Motor Group.

311, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea