ZER01NE is an open innovation platform where people with various perspectives get together, design their own questions and seek answers to those questions.

Creative talents who come up with questions from people, society and life in general, startups who interpret the questions into specific problems in real life and discover solutions to the problems by their prompt actions, companies that link and share these various questions and answers into social values centered on people…
These are all members of ZER01NE and they constitute various perspectives of ZER01NE.

ZER01NE is creating an ecosystem for creative talents such as artists, architects, designers, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs, forming a place of collaboration with start-ups, and developing a ground of an active participation for companies.


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Hyundai CRADLE is Global Open Innovation Hub.

Hyundai CRADLE hubs are located in Silicon Valley (US), Tel-Aviv (Israel), Berlin (Germany), and Beijing (China) – Singapore to be opened in 2021. Together with ZER01NE platform, CRADLE’s mission is to drive global disruptive innovation by nurturing the most promising startups across the region and securing opportunities for strategic partnerships and investments. With various innovation partners across the globe, CRADLE is strengthening HMG’s open innovation efforts and contributing to the growth of sustainable mobility ecosystem.