[Technology Exploration] Algorithm for sitting daily life


When you are sitting, does it mean that you are not physically active? What if the amount of time you sit determines your physical health? Algorigo suggests a healthy daily life by recording and analyzing the physical state while sitting.


People who sit
Various smart devices analyze people’s activities. A Smartwatch that measures heart rate and steps represents one of them. Also, smart health care products specifically pay attention to the body changes during activities. But Algorigo had a different thought. It focused on the signals of bodies during sitting times that appear to be inactive. Modern people spend most of their time sitting, and that causes many diseases (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, indigestion, etc.). High school seniors preparing for the college entrance exam sit an average of 11 hours a day, and office employees sit at least 6 hours a day. As the aging population increases, the dependence on wheelchairs is also increasing. So Algorigo started analyzing people’s sitting postures, sitting habits, and behaviors after sitting, with ‘Smart Chairs’.


Services necessary but unknown
Algorigo’s Smart Chair is equipped with a pressure sensor to detect bodily changes while sitting. The sensor captures even the minute movements caused by respiration. It analyzes the sitting time and the pressure applied to the sensor so that it induces correct posture. It is also in development for a function to analyze the respiratory cycle through respiratory rate measurement. In addition to that, it can analyze concentration through sitting time, minute movements, and respiratory cycles. A basic function of the Smart Chair is to help you maintain a healthy posture. At the same time, it collects data while people are sitting in their chairs to record their work and rest patterns, and finds the timing of their highest concentration. It also induces respiratory exercises to help manage stress.

Algorigo introduces various Smartphone application services based on the collected data. There are services such as ‘Algo Study’ to help establish study habits, ‘Algo Work’ to increase work efficiency, and ‘Algo Health’ to provide health information.


A service that consumes data and evolves
As data accumulates, services become more sophisticated. Algorigo’s technology is evolving from the ‘Smart Chair’ to the ‘Smart Cushion’. We had to collect more data because changes in the environment, such as levelling and floor material, affect the sensor’s readings. Algorigo can analyze data measured in a new environment more precisely based on Big Data. This Algorigo’s technology will also be applied to medical devices. Currently, we are developing Smart Cushions for the disabled and the elderly who use wheelchairs together with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Chungnam National University Hospital. It is like an artificial intelligence algorithm moving the Smart Cushion like a massage chair and continuously manages the postures of the disabled and the elderly.

Algorigo is also preparing for the era of autonomous driving. Connected cars today provide a lot of information about the car by measuring the route, mileage, and top speed in real-time. But there are no records about humans. Algorigo focuses more on people in the age of autonomous driving. For example, technology is being developed to find out how many hours the driver has been driving with what kind of postures, how much fatigue has increased, and how much a heart rate, respiratory, and stress has changed. Furthermore, in conjunction with the car system, it will be able to inform you about lighting, music, and comfortable posture that are beneficial to your health.


The foundation of Algorigo technology: PRESSUREGO KIT
Algorigo covers most of the sensors that detect signals from the human body. We have a variety of technologies, including sensors that monitor heart rate, and 3D cameras that can capture movements. Currently, we are presenting products focused on pressure sensors. Pressure Go is a sensor kit that combines a pressure sensor and a board capable of data communication. With this kit, people can experience the technology that forms the basis of Algorigo products. It can be very useful for educational practice so that people can develop hardware and software themselves.


The chair evolved: Smart Cushion
Algorigo’s products will become thinner and thinner. If it can be as thin as a cushion cover, any chair can become a Smart Chair. To do that, more data needs to be collected and analyzed. It is the reason why it was able to evolve from the Smart chair to the Smart cushion.


Company Overview
Algorigo develops services and solutions that manage people’s lives more healthily and efficiently based on sensor data collected in daily life. We have core technologies for sensors and machine learning algorithms.