[Accelerator Interview] Radar Sensor Developer, ‘Bitsensing’


1. Overview of Bitsensing

Offering imaging radar solutions, Bitsensing is striving to create “Smart Cities” where everyone is safe and a convenient “Smart Life”. Bitsensing’s globally recognized technologies offer the highest level of accuracy by incorporating advanced sensor integration and AI solutions and enable us to live a smarter life.

Autonomous driving and smart city are inseparable concepts and keywords the represent the future of societies. Bitsensing is trying to develop a 4D imaging radar technology to bring fully autonomous driving closer to our lives and to connect the world with safer and more convenient, smart cities. The following are the components of Bitsensing’s roadmap to creating a future society with advanced technologies.

A. Smart Infrastructure for Autonomous Driving, AIR Traffic

In an era of autonomous driving to arrive in the future, cars are not the only things that need to be smart. The roads need to become smarter as well. Bitsensing is trying to use radar technologies to create innovate infrastructure for smart cities. Bitsensing’s AIR Traffic installed near the traffic lights can monitor the traffic in real-time, collect information lane by lane and provide a real-time dynamic map to the users. It connects the road and vehicles with data and ensures safe and efficient travel. AIR Traffic has successfully passed various reliability tests and certification tests and for its innovativeness in solving problems that happen on the road such as traffic congestion and serial collisions, we have been awarded the received CES 2020 Innovation Award.

B. Mini In-Car Sensor that Protects the Safety of Drivers and Passengers, mini-V

Another product of Bitsensing, in addition to AIR Traffic which helps the driver to drive safely by detecting the environment outside the vehicle, is a radar-based monitoring system that ensures the safety of the driver and passengers inside the car. This mini radar called mini-V detects the movements of young passengers from infants to young children and irregular behaviors like apnea and it is regarded as an optimal monitoring system that ensures privacy of the passengers without requiring them to have any wearable devices on.

C. Health Monitoring Solution to Use at Home and Office, mini-H

Mini-H is a technology extended from in-car monitoring solution, mini-V and it is a solution that can solve various safety-related issues. mini-H monitors the user’s behaviors in real-time and analyzes the user’s sleeping and walking patterns. It can be a perfect solution that can prevent safety accidents of single-person households, especially the elderly living alone, without violating privacy. 

D. Optimal Solution that Can Bring Fully Autonomous Driving Close to Our Lives, AIR 4D

The ultimate technology Bitsensing is trying to develop is AIR 4D, a 4D imaging radar that enables autonomous driving through advanced sensor integration and AI technologies. Currently, because of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), we are able to experience semi-autonomous driving. Fully autonomous driving doesn’t require any driver supervision but semi-autonomous driving requires the drivers to look ahead and have their hands on the wheels. Fully autonomous driving requires the vehicle to detect and recognize objects (other vehicles and persons) outside the vehicle in any circumstance but we don’t have any car sensor that can do this yet. And it’s tough for many companies in this field because sensors for autonomous vehicles have not been standardized yet. We believe our sensor can be that standard sensor that could lead the fully autonomous driving market. Our AIR 4D which will have an advanced radar and camera technologies that can withstand even the toughest environment can be the perfect solution for fully autonomous driving. We are first going to launch an entry model that can be applied to any vehicle and offer a high level of detection accuracy regardless of the weather or surrounding environment. 

2. Company Background

The biggest serial car crash ever recorded happened in February 2015. A dense blanket of fog blocked vision of the drivers, causing 106 cars to crash. As developers trying to develop a perfect sensor system that can operate in the worst climate condition, we wanted to develop a radar technology that can prevent these terrible accidents. So in January 2018, we founded Bitsensing to realize our vision which is to create a safe world by sensing every ‘bit’ of the world.

3. Bitsensing’s Strengths and Differentiating Factors

Bitsensing is Korea’s one and only start-up comprised of automotive radar experts. We can design and produce optimal solutions using a wide range of radar frequencies from 24GHz to 60GHz, 77GGHz and 79GHz.

We are developing various products using our radar technologies to make a more convenient and safer world and we have also been awarded the received CES 2020 Innovation Award.

4D imaging radar which is one the most sought-after technologies these days and we are trying to develop one with our own technologies. Many companies around the world are trying to develop imaging radars to make fully autonomous driving a reality and Bitsensing is working with its original sensor integration method and AI solutions to develop an innovative imaging radar.

Bitsensing’s founders and engineers which have the experiences of developing and commercializing technologies that offer the high level of safety and security automotive radars require, are researching and developing ways to efficiently apply radars to our everyday lives and autonomous driving. Our biggest strength and differentiating factor is that we incorporate open collaborations from design to production and that we focus on ensuring user convenience and safety while providing optimal solutions that meet customer’s demands.

4. Most Memorable Moment?

We had many meetings carrying out two projects with ZER01NE. Discussing and reaching an agreement on the direction both parties want was the most memorable experience. It was also very meaningful sharing opinions on our common goal while looking at studies and videos and actually getting better results after having those discussions. 

5. Business Accomplishments

Bitsensing carried out two projects in 2020 from March to November. When we were first selected for the ZER01NE Accelerator Program, Bitsensing was the only team selected to carry out two projects. Our first project was to develop a rear occupant alert (ROA) system that detects objects and passengers in the rear seats and we carried out this project for about 7 months.

Another project we carried out for 5 months starting in July was to develop a gesture recognition system. We had to develop a radar technology that recognizes 5 gestures of people inside a car and we were able to develop a technology with about 85% recognition rate. Carrying out these two projects, we were able to deeply understand how a radar operates inside a car and how to develop a solution. And from what we’ve learned, we are going to expand our technological development process to develop a radar technology that can be used for inside the cars in the future.   

6. What Inspires You While Running a Business?

We were able to decide on the direction of our research based on the demands of our clients. Technologies, no matter how great they are, are useless without an actual market. Being able to see and feel directly and indirectly what the market wants, gave us inspirations and based on that experience, we acted quickly on our research and development process.

7. Advice for Those Preparing to Start a Business

New technologies constantly change our lives. The radar technology Bitsensing is trying to develop will improve and once it’s commercialized, it will significantly change our lives in positive ways. The most important things for us, especially going through this COVID-10 pandemic, is the safety and happiness of the people we value. We also wish no one in this world loses their precious life because of an unexpected accident.

Preparing for and running a start-up business will be tough but if you have a clear sense of purpose and goals, the work will make your heart beat and will be a meaningful experience.

8. What Are Your Business Plans and Vision for the Future and Your Thoughts on ZER01NE?

Bitsensing wants to bring a new paradigm of smart life through its imaging radar solution. Using our technologies, we want to create smart cities that make various areas of our society safer and more convenient. Collaboration with Hyundai Motor Group is not the end but a new beginning of our journey to using an innovative radar technology for connecting the world and bringing a safe future. 

9. Anything Else You Want to Say?

The PoC period was not long but it was a meaningful time for us because we were able to trying new things. Based on this experience, we will complete our products and show our unique radar technology to the world very soon. Thank you.