[Accelerator Interview] Touch-Based Interactive Solutions Provider, ‘Anyractive’


1. Overview of Anyractive 

Anyractive develops interactive media displays. Using our technologies, we develop various types of interactive displays for vehicles. Inside a running vehicle, the driver and passengers can watch movies, access the navigation system, make phone calls, access the Internet and enjoy all kinds of entertaining activities using the glass displays. We provide innovative display solutions for an era of autonomous driving to arrive.

2. Company Background

I worked for about 12 years starting from a sensor company. My expertise was computer vision so I worked as a video engineer at a hardware company, a telecom carrier and mobile software company. Working in these fields, I’ve noticed a potential in interactive media displays and started this company to carry out an innovative business of my own. 

3. Anyractive’s Strengths and Differentiating Factors

Anyractive’s interactive media glass displays are simple and unique. Our products are not like other products or solutions out there which require a lot of mechanical devices and hardware. Our main focus is to make displays that use and show a minimum amount of devices and, to make optimal interactive media displays that can be used my multiple users simultaneously. Our air touch technology enables the users to control displays at a long distance with much less movements compared to those required for other technologies. This advanced technology which is perfect for our contactless world, is our biggest strength and asset.

4. Most Memorable Moment?

Product planning was the most difficult process because we are mostly comprised of developers and engineers. Because we had to constantly make changes and improve our product while trying to understand the potential users, we had to spend a lot of time and endure the trial and error process. But, without these experiences, we would not have been given the opportunity to participate in the ZER01NE program. 

5. Business Accomplishments

We are receiving a lot of interest for our interactive media display technology. We are currently planning and carrying our various projects with some major companies around the world and we are also discussing various government projects. We are currently at the technology completion stage and you will soon be able to experience our interactive media displays in your everyday life. 

6. What Inspires You While Running a Business?

The excitement and creativity. That excitement of finally finding a direction for the improvements we need to make on our solution after a period of creative thinking, is what keeps us going. Also, the fact that we can somewhat contribute to making a more advanced modern society gives us strength. 

7. Advice for Those Preparing to Start a Business

A startup is literally a business that is just starting out. I think how we start determine the success or failure and the certainty or uncertainty of the goals of your business. I think it’s important for you to not be complacent and to think about all of the possibilities.

8. What Are Your Business Plans and Vision for the Future and Your Thoughts on ZER01NE?

Anyractive has clear plans and a vision. Our plan is to install our interactive media displays to every transportation mode in this world. And our vision to offer drivers and passengers a Smart Auto Life that is safe and convenient. In the ZER01NE program, our plans and vision became clearer and we were able to visualize more innovative collaborations and projects in the future. We want to thank ZER01NE and Hyundai Motor Group once again for all the support.   

9. Anything Else You Want to Say?

Everyone is going through a hard time in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It will not go away anytime soon and contactless solutions have become an essential part of our lives. Anyractive will prepare for and adapt to changes using its interactive media display technology and fulfill its social responsibility. We thank you for your support and we wish all of your good health in these difficult times. Thank you.