[Accelerator Interview] UV Sterilizing Solutions Provider, ‘Psycure’


1. Overview of Psycure

Psycure is a software and hardware solutions developer that provides digital therapy-based educational and treatment services. We are comprised mostly of expert researchers and we have been carrying out research and development over the past 10 years. We’ve developed and accumulated various original technologies and know-hows that have not been shown to the world yet. Since 2019, we’ve been manufacturing LED sterilizers and focusing on supplying LED space sterilizers in the home appliances market. After years of research, we’ve finally released our space sterilizer Cure Clean. Cure Clean kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and, is a harmless sterilizer than can be turned on all the time. Cure Clean can be manufactured as small modules and we are currently working with Hyundai Motor Group to develop small automotive sterilizers that helps the users maintain their cars safe and clean. Next year, we will continue our research and development in sterilizer modules and digital therapy that incorporates AR and VR to make products that can enhance people’s lives.   

2. Company Background

Psycure is mostly comprised of expert researchers from Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) and we founded this company to develop technologies that benefit our society. Working with skillful people you know very well has been not only fun but allowed us to create great results. 

3. Psycure’s Strengths and Differentiating Factors

We manufacture products using our original software and hardware technologies and we currently hold multiple patents at home and abroad. We have our own production process and we can design, develop and manufacture all on our own. We’ve recently developed harmless space sterilizer Cure Clean for the era of pandemic we’re living in. Cure Clean kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including the coronavirus.

4. Most Memorable Moment?

In the beginning, we’ve focused on developing AR and VR devices and integrating them with other products. And in 2019, we’ve released a LED mask that has AR/VR devices installed. But, we experienced problems because of negative news about LED masks. And when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, we quickly changed our business and we were able to get some great results.

5. Business Accomplishments

Cure Clean is sold quickly all around the world and we are currently collaborating with various companies. Currently, we supply our products in Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and the US and we supply them to companies in customized modules. We’ve developed a PoC for the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, installed LED sterilizers on mobility vehicles and automotive sterilizing devices for Hyundai Motor Group’s first vendor cars. We are also planning to supply LED sterilizing modules that can be installed on kiosks, buses, elevators and in restaurants.

6. What Inspires You While Running a Business?

We feel a sense of satisfaction when our customers are satisfied with our product. When our customers purchase our product and send us photos of them installing our product, we see so many creative ways for installing our product. The opinions of different users really inspire us and give us new ideas.

7. Advice for Those Preparing to Start a Business

Pivoting according to changes in the environment really was a turning point for us. It’s the management’s responsibility to decide on products that meet the market needs and the employees’ responsibility to make good products. But, the most important thing is the harmony of everyone in the team. 

8. What Are Your Business Plans and Vision for the Future and Your Thoughts on ZER01NE?

Our goal is to install our sterilizer modules to all Hyundai cars. We want to make indoor spaces including inside the cars cleaner and safe and, free people from the fear of coronavirus.

We want to thank ZER01NE for all the support in various areas including funds, Open Innovation Lounge and advices and we want to repay that support by generating great results.

9. Anything Else You Want to Say?

Working with ZER01NE was a big turning point for us. If you’re wondering whether you should apply, please do it without hesitating.