[Artificial Intelligence Artist] AI artist Who dances, composes, draws, writes, and designs


Choreographer Madi

After observing the movement, ‘Madi’ creates a new movement based on it. It was developed by SlitScope, a media art group consisting of media artist Kim Je-Min and AI engineer Kim Geun-Hyung. In June 2020, they collaborated with choreographer Shin Chang-Ho, who is constantly exploring the relationship between humans and technology for the new work <Beyond Black> by the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. This is Korea’s first AI-created choreography record on stage, and the title of the performance has the meaning of “going beyond the unknown”. After filming the dances of 8 dancers belonging to the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, the video was converted into a data format and learned by AI, and Madi created a choreography by applying its own algorithm to this data. Through 256 minutes of learning, it came up with 1000 minutes of new movements. The final choreography revealed on the stage was selected by choreographer Shin Chang-Ho, after supplementing and completing it.

Classical composer AIVA

AIVA is an official composer registered with the French Music Copyright Association, and is attracting the most attention recently in the market where music AI development is active. It specializes in classical and symphonic music composition. AIVA’s algorithm follows deep learning and reinforcement learning systems. It discovers patterns by reading existing classical music pieces composed by humans such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart on a large scale, and creates its own music based on them. In 2016, it released its first studio album <Genesis>, containing a total of 24 songs and in 2018, its second album <Among the Stars>. Founded in February 2016 at a Luxembourg-based startup led by developer Pierre Barreau, AIVA currently has 11 preset algorithms to help anyone create music. It also operates an online subscription service that provides customized music.

Fashion designer Designovel

AI developed by startup Designovel, makes sketches by itself based on fashion data from around the world such as designs, materials, colors, patterns, and trends. In 2018, after learning about 330,000 pieces of data such as the brand’s SYJP logo, characters, and design concept, a new design was recommended. In this process, SYJP’s human designer and AI designer exchanged feedback and made corrections to complete the final design. In November 2020, it launched a new brand, Daemons, in collaboration with Lotte On. It can be said to be an experimental brand that plans, manufactures, and distributes clothing using AI. The big feature of this AI for fashion design is that it can design up to 10,000 pieces per second. It is said that the hit rate for sales prediction of AI that has been learned for 72 hours is about 20% higher than that of product planners in the 10th year.

Poet Xiao Bing

Chinese Xiao Bing is an AI that writes poetry. Xiao Bing, an interactive AI chatbot developed by Microsoft, has written 10,000 poems after learning more than 10,000 works of 519 poets since the 1920s. Among them, it selected 139 pieces and published his Chinese poetry collection, <The sunlight lost the glass window (阳光失了玻璃窗)>. This is the world’s first collection of poetry written by AI. It talks about human emotions such as loneliness, hope, and joy. Since Xiao Bing’s 100% poem was translated as it is, some expressions are somewhat awkward and seem to have no experience in writing poems or feel like poems written by AI. In 2019, it jointly published a collection of poetry with 200 human poets and contributed to several newspapers. According to Microsoft, Xiao Bing has so far helped more than 5 million amateur poets write poetry.

K-pop Idol Group Aespa

Aespa, under SM Entertainment, is a girl group with mixed reality (MR) applied. The members of the real world and the avatars of the virtual world created by modeling them will work together. The human members are a group of four: Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ning Ning. The group name is a combination of ‘æ’, which means ‘Avatar X Experience’, and ‘aspect’, which means both sides. In the debut release video in November 2020, member ‘Karina’ was connected to her avatar ‘I-Karina’ through Sync, then chatted and danced together. Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has established a department called the Amusement Planning Department and has been steadily planning content that combines artificial intelligence and augmented reality with entertainment. Aespa is a k-pop idol group with an innovative concept that did not exist before, and plans to continue storytelling that communicates and grows through the digital world, a world between reality and virtual reality.

Artist Next Rembrandt

Next Rembrandt paints a painting by imitating the style of Dutch painter Rembrandt, who is called the “Master of Light”. In 2016, it was jointly developed by Microsoft, Rembrandt Museum, and the technician of Netherlands. The researchers scanned 346 portraits of Rembrandt’s paintings, divided them into 148 million pixels, measured them precisely, converted them into big data, and then learned the style of Rembrandt’s style with artificial intelligence through deep learning, and  was able to calculate the composition, color, light, brush direction and paint height that Rembrandt often used. As a result, portraits printed on a 3D printer over 500 hours became a Rembrandt-style painting that even experts couldn’t distinguish. The Next Rembrandt project was completed in 18 months with a team of 20 data analysts, developers, AI professors, and 3D printing experts.

Screenwriter Jetson

Inspired by AlphaGo and Lee Se-dol 9th grader’s game, filmmaker Oscar Sharp collaborated with artificial intelligence engineer Ross Goodwin to create AI Jetson. Having studied hundreds of science fiction films from the 80s and 90s, Jetson created a script for science fiction films by woven together typical words and phrases from the script. The director finished shooting and editing for 48 hours with this script, and submitted it to the “London SF Film Festival”. The 8-minute <Sunspring> is the first human-directed short film written by AI in all scenarios. Thomas Middleditch, who acted in the HBO drama <Silicon Valley>, is the male protagonist, with Elizabeth Gray and Humphrey Kerr. It is presumed to be a triangle relationship with the space station in the background, and the characters exchange improbable conversations following a story in which the context is unknown.

K-pop composer EvoM

AI composer EvoM, developed by Professor Ahn Chang-Wook’s team at GST’s AI Graduate School, is characterized by learning composition techniques and theories to create music like a human composer without relying on repetitive learning. Because they create melodies themselves, they are unlikely to be similar to existing songs. It takes only 2 seconds to create a 4 minute song, and 15 seconds considering the process of outputting it to a virtual instrument for playback. Currently, it is possible to compose genres such as ambient, classical piano, orchestra, and EDM, and a trot composition method is also being developed. In July 2020, Ha-Yeon, known as SNSD Tae-Yeon’s younger sister, debuted as an official singer with a single album with composer EvoM. “Eyes on you” was created by adding lyrics by Ha-Yeon through collaboration with producer NUVO based on the first song composed and arranged by EvoM.

Humanoid Artist Ai-Da

Ai-Da, the world’s first humanoid artificial intelligence robot painter, resembles a real adult woman. It recognizes objects and draws pictures using a camera built into the eye, a bionic arm with a pencil, and a path execution algorithm. Completed in 2019 with the help of researchers from British Robotics Company Engineered Art, Leeds University and Oxford University, it held the first private exhibition <Unsecured Futures> featuring 8 drawings, 2 videos, 4 sculptures and 20 paintings at St. John’s College Van Gallery. After the camera analyzes the object in front, it creates a virtual path and generates real space coordinates according to the path execution algorithm, so that the robot arm can move. In addition, it is possible to implement a portrait by scanning the features of an object using facial recognition technology.

Novelist Botnik

Botnik is an AI text prediction program developed by Botnik Studios in the United States. Based on the 7th volume of the fantasy novel <Harry Potter>, written by British author Joanne K Rowling, it created a new follow-up chapter by learning the algorithm of style and plot development. However, Botnick did not complete the novel by itself. After the learning was completed, the AI provided the option of a word to enter, and several writers made a sentence by referring to it, and the AI presented the next step again. The title of the completed work is <Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked like a Large Pile of Ash>, and begins by the sentence ‘The magically intensified wind blew against the Hogwarts castle grounds while the black sky rained blood’.