Can Popular Beauty and Public Efficiciency Arise from Plainly Personal Interest?


Art and Technology, the Possibility of Their Physical Integration

Project <My Room in a Suitcase> by Eun-young Park who calls herself a multidisciplinary and multimedia artist and designer and designer and maker Hyun Parke explores modern lives and ways of living that are constantly changing. The contemporary ways of living that are constantly changing at a rapid rate due to technological advances, are also changing metaphysical awareness of individuals and societies and physical landscapes at a similar rate. The art-technology relations have evolved as well but art and technology have never ceased to communicate with each other and have constantly been creating integrated output. Eun-young Park and Hyun Parke explores soft robotics which has arose in between art and technology and the use of soft robotics in this project.

Adding Play and Design to Art

Eun-young Park has been exploring play and design development incorporating film, technological research and art. Focusing on a characteristic called movement and the meaning of educational creation, she has been making kinetic works that move and creating a cartoon series using a mechanical driving system. Incorporating various concepts like machine, movement, play and beauty to her work, she offers activities and experiences individuals and all the members of our community can enjoy within artistic or sometimes technological boundaries. In this project, she captures light, transient, delicate and emotional movements of an inflator and actuator to portray the performance aspect of soft robotics.

Hyun Parke in this project focuses on the way the inflator and actuator operate and on the possibility of changing the operational design. Parke as an artist has been exploring instrumental uses of personalized systems which have become more accessible because of 3D printers and, on understanding designs based on algorithms to remove typicality of those systems. The methodology for a set of various rules Hyun Park has developed is strictly intended for satisfying specific needs of an individual. Using this methodology is allowed only in areas that are for an individual to accomplish public purposes. This set-up which may appear paradoxical is in line with the attitude of Hyun Parke who solely focus on the instrumental nature of objects and the instrumental process.

The essence of Eun-young Park and Hyun Parke’s approach to soft robotics is in their attempt to completely turn over conventional and rather mechanically typical ways in which materials are used. Soft robotics represents the integration of art and technology Eun-young Park and Hyun Parke seek as artists and human-centered recognition of objects. Soft robotics allows the audience to imagine the future of mobility, new practicality and designs in the future. <My Room in a Suitcase> is a project that asks what kind of ways of living can we have if we can add mobility to a personal space by instilling a motivation for specific movements to the exterior of pieces of cloths or paper and, if we can continuously stabilize the user through those movements.

Popular Beauty and Public Efficiency that Arise from Individual interest

Multidisciplinary artist Eun-young Park and Hyun Parke who incorporates various media to explore the ways and process of making something, have joined to create a physical environment that reacts instantly to our contemporary lifestyles which are changing constantly. In addition to creating this environment, the two tried to cause positive and developmental changes in people’s lives and deep senses and state of mind. Soft robotics is the key medium Eun-young Park and Hyun Parke use in this project. The two focuses on our ways of living which rely on constant moving and offers a personal space we’ve lost to us. Eun-young Park and Hyun Parke uses easily modifiable, portable and installable soft robots and inflatables to create this space.