Capturing a New Landscape of a Post-Industrial City Through Integration of Sounds and Objects <61/6 speakers>


Ensemble of Multimedia Sound Art and Low-Tech Mechanical Devices

<61/6 speakers> is a collaborative project by composer and media artist Jaeho Chang who is a member of Tacit Group and who incorporate algorithm-based audiovisual work, multimedia performances and interactive installations for his work and installation artist Sungyoon Jung who captures human beliefs and desires using web art and low-tech mechanical devices. The two bring us new spatial experiences by visualizing the vibrations created by sounds.

Project <op sound 2020> is an extension of the installation work Tacit Group has been carrying out since 2010. <op sound 2020> which creates new rhythms that go back and forth steady and unsteady beats by organically combining geometrical modules, lights and sounds, has evolved from an art of time to an art of space, meeting installation artist Sungyoon Jung. With Jaeho Chang working on algorithm-based sound designing and Sungyoon Jung designing a space with structures, the project creates a visually structured and audio spatial experience.

<61/6 speakers>, Expanding the Audiovisual Experience of Time and Space

A sound with a specific frequency controls the vibration of the speaker. For instance, a sound beyond the audible frequency range cannot be heard but makes a strong vibration visible to our eyes. A sound within the audible frequency range stimulates our hearing but does not create a visible vibration. Chang and Jung in project <61/6 speakers>, mix what can be heard, not heard, seen and not seen, to allows us to experience time and space in a new audiovisual way.