[LAB NOTE] Derived city


A creator is a person who ‘discovers ‘. The creator observes objects and phenomena with skepticism and presents a new perspective based on what he or she felt. This process that takes place unconsciously is collectively called discovery. IVAAIU CITY observes the city and architecture to date and imagines the city of the future. Also, it recreates the future around transportation infrastructure. Zer01ne kindly summarized the process of this sensitive discovery into a report.


LAB NOTE Summary
Infrastructure of IVAAIU CITY

IVAAIU CITY is a team of creators working in the fields of urban planning, architecture, electronic music, visual arts, and performance direction. They have been creating new lights, structures, and sounds so that people can see the whole or part of the city from a new perspective. IVAAIU CITY is going to throw an explanatory message in contrast to what it has introduced so far through this Zer01ne project.

The production base of a city, such as roads, water supply and sewerage, water treatment facilities, telegraph lines and power plants, is called infrastructure. It is an essential element in a process of building a city but is not usually noticeable. It is the thing that is always there. When it does not work properly, that is the only time people notice the presence.

IVAAIU CITY pays attention to infrastructure, which is the basic element of a city to realize the city of the future. In particular, the focus is on transportation. The virtual models of the future urban transport infrastructure system will be designed, shared, and experimented to create a real-world space on the scale of due diligence that seem to be present in the future. The audience can feel as if they are in the future space for a moment.



A project that envisions urban infrastructure from a creative perspective through the establishment of an audience engagement project



“It was created in the industrialization era and has now been exhibited several times in an aging infrastructure space that has lost its original function. With the various installation processes at that time, we set a goal to build a current cultural and artistic perspective on the new infrastructure that will be created in the future.”

IVAAIU CITY has either directly or indirectly experienced the old infrastructure spaces in exhibitions during the last 1-2 years. They exhibited new media installation works covering the past and present at an idle shipyard in Geoje city, which is currently suspended, and presented installation works at ‘ Cosmo 40 ‘, a space reconstructed from the Incheon Chemical Plant, which was the mainstay of Korean industrial modernization. IVAAIU CITY saw the buildings in the industrialization era that had fulfilled their original functions and gained new functions and thought that they could draw a city of the future around the infrastructure of the future.



“How much are we prepared for the advent of new technologies and the cultural impact of the future urban infrastructure that will be shaped by them? Aside from understanding technology itself, isn’t it time to think about the cultural impact it will have on us?”

Imagine the infrastructure of the future. Will the size and function of power plants, sewage treatment plants and dams, which are the major facilities in the industrialization era, still be useful? What if the new functions needed for the city of the future were made into tiny chips and distributed and absorbed into households?



“Share the message that you can imagine, envision, and create your own infrastructure and environment of a city. The Future is ours to create!”

IVAAIU CITY focuses on mobility systems among infrastructure of the future. The advances in automobiles can also affect the appearance of roads. Even the definition of a road may change. IVAAIU CITY ‘s project starts from this curiosity.



“If the ‘future city road model’ we created at the time of 2030 is actually realized, the road landscape will contain the cultural life of people affected by our imaginations and ideas.”

IVAAIU CITY must be pronounced the letter itself as “I V A A I U CITY. Each letter stands for ‘Idea’, ‘Visual’, ‘Audio’, ‘Architecture’, ‘Infrastructure’, ‘Urbanism’. People gathered here from different fields. Thanks to those, we could draw a picture of the city from different perspectives. We think about the architectural, functional, and cultural impact of a city that is changed through future transportation infrastructure.



Design 100 future city road models (Share online and offline in the form of images and texts)

Concentrate and develop 10 future city road models (Share online and offline in the form of scale models)

Concentrate and develop one future city road model
(Share online and offline in a 1:1 scale physical form)

We created 100 hypotheses for the project. It is the basis of a research to draw conclusions. IVAAIU CITY will present a more engaging future through this extremely difficult process.

We plan to present 100 models in the form of images through the website and SNS, collect opinions, and produce 10 miniature models again. At last, we collect the feedback and complete it into a single result. The last model is realized at real scale. The audience will feel as if they are on the set of a movie set with the background of the future. In the work, the audience can also indirectly experience the new technology of 2030. The interactive elements such as sound and lighting that IVAAIU CITY best embodies will increase the audience’s immersion.


About the artist
The IVAAIU CITY team is a new media creators group based in Seoul and Tokyo. [IVAAIU Urban Instrument: Hyper-Complex Civic Monument] created by DongUk Lee, the team director in 2013 starting with an urban planning thesis of the same name and integrating six different media of Idea – Visual – Audio – Architecture – Infrastructure – Urbanism that aims for future city design to proceed projects. They have been creating their own works in various fields such as new media installation, audio-visual performance, news structure system design, and future city planning. Currently, 6 people of artists and designers from various genres; the city planner / architect / artist DongUk Lee, visual artist / director YangHo Shin, new media architects SungSu Park, architect Hancheol So, sound designer Hiroto Takeuchi, product designer JiIn Yoon, continue to work on a new city created by the convergence of contemporary technology and artistic ideals.