[LAB NOTE] Announcing to whole universe, we are human here from the Earth


The Unhappy Circuit explores another unknown being outside the Earth. It then attempts to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence by creating a message containing the story of humans and the Earth.


LAB NOTE Summary
What content does the mysterious message contains that reached other side of galaxy? Who sent those messages?


Message from the Other Side of the Galaxy
This work is mysterious message from other side of galaxy. It’s divided into 5 different parts, each part have message’s layout, where it was sent from, how they look, structure of genetic material containing their biological information and the what situation is their world on in order.

However, this message is from planet Earth. When we noticed this message is from Earth, The audience’s perspective on the message changes from the perspective of aliens, not people on Earth.

The message was transmitted not only as a work of art, but also into the real universe so that the presence of the outside world could receive it and understand its contents. The message is designed as a two-dimensional pixel image, a traditional interstellar message design method, because it needs to be compressed and sent efficiently to the distant universe and can be easily decoded by recipients.


“Interstellar message sent to or from space”
Effort to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence make us grow and move forward as ‘space citizens’. Perhaps all intelligence in the universe may have responsibility to announce our existence as life-to-life or civilization-to-civilization living together in this universe. My ultimate goal is Cosmic connection between human and space.


“What made you interest in other creatures from outside of Earth?”
I grew up with enjoy watching Sci-Fi movies. Future stories of about aliens, AI, space and human clones have had a lot of influence on me. Especially my curiosity to unknown existence is important theme of my work. So this curiosity is now heading beyond the Earth towards space.


“The work begins by suggesting message is from an alien. The audience naturally looks at the message from the perspective of the people on Earth. However, audience noticed what is the messages about. This message is from Earth not from aliens. Then, viewer’s point of view changes. Now looking at the Earth’s message from alien’s point of view.”

Humans in the 2020s are still living with the potential to destroy themselves. In the end, this work aims to make it possible to newly recognize the current situation in which humanity has been placed or created from a cosmic perspective by changing the perspective of mankind from the other side of the galaxy, not ourselves.


What are extraterrestrial intelligence?
I think they may have very different biological, mental and have cultural characteristics, difference but essentially, they like us struggling day by day in this busy society, where so many things happening around us. And I think they are also looking up at the night sky and continuing to observe the universe with curiosity, “Are we the only ones in this universe?”. When are we going to notice we exist each other? I always dream about this happen to in near future.


About the artist
Unhappy Circuit is new media artist in Korea. His work, which consists of a fusion of science, art, and technology, is based on a multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses anthropology, ecology, futurism, and cosmology.

The key theme that penetrates his work is “communicate with unknown.” He intends to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world surrounding it through insights gained by exploring the possibility of new beings that we do not know yet, and ultimately seek the next direction for mankind.

His interest in unknown is now beyond Earth and heading towards space. He is currently working on a project to build a new interstellar Message to communicate with another intelligent body that may exist somewhere in the universe. This is to transform human perspective from the outside of the Earth, not from the Earth, and at the same time to connect finite human life with the vast universe.