Presenting Various Ways of Living that Constitute a Society Called City


The Shifting Meaning of City

<Sensori> is a project by user-experience designer Luke Ride out who works with visual designs and media to increase our awareness and improve human lives and experiences and, multimedia artist and designer Dongjoo Seo who uses graphic designs and media installations to enhance our experiences. The two explores various ways of living in a city and society and track the formation of specific cultures based on their geographical research.

Combining Artistic Interventions, Installations, Videos, Graphics and New Media to Form Community Awareness

Through design-based visual image work, Luke Rideout tries to convince people to shift their passive, understanding and accepting attitude towards cities, humans, societies and their relations to a more active, communicative and experience-oriented attitude. To do this, Rideout takes a multidisciplinary approach, using various media such as real or virtual images, publications, videos, installation work and soundscapes. While trying to work with various experiences that arise from incorporating those media, he strives to make an artistic contribution to changing the cultures and systems formed within a social structure and the community awareness we share.

Installation artist and designer Dongjoo Seo who studied film, multimedia, visual design and anthropology has been carrying out location-specific or situation-specific research based on objective findings and integrating that with traditional media, new media, installations, videos and graphics. He focuses on synchronizing the body senses of the audience with the physical properties of media such as media walls or screens which deliver various philosophical, humanities and aesthetic topics he draws from his anthropological research. By shedding a light on human memory, relationships, mind and appearances, he tries to explore our contemporary awareness of self and society within the boundaries of space and time.

Suggesting Various Ways of Living in a Socety Called City

User-experience designer Luke Ride Installation artist and designer Dongjoo Seo explore various ways of living in our city and society and track the formation of specific cultures based on their geographical research. The artists use the data collected from various public and private spaces and areas in Seoul as metaphors.
Luke Rideout and Dongjoo Seo collect their based on their senses and the collected data is changed to sounds and videos using a specific algorithm the artists have designed. In this way, the collected data gets scattered around a space as totem pieces. The audience gets to move along the pieces and experience the data as if they experience a real-life space. This primitive way of scattering the data collected from a city represent a distribution of a massive and rigid system of a unified culture.
Luke Rideout and Dongjoo Seo explores the interactions manifested from the borders between art and technology or between art and design to bring back the interdependent human-culture relationship.