<Board Night>, the Worldview You have Created Is Becoming a Board Game


<Board Night> is a club where club members produce a board game based on the world view created by their imagination and discussion on the future. 2 leaders and 7 members were together for 5 weeks.

The new technologies and lifestyles are grabbing the attention due to COVID-19 and many people are interested in the post COVID-19 era. How ill the new era unfold? Will human beings adapt to it or fail? <Board Night> made a board game based on this imagination on New-Normal 2.0. They exchanged various and creative opinion and leaders and members cooperated with each other closely. As a result, they could produce a special and interesting prototype of a boardgame.

Two leaders who are engaged in artistic activities by exploring special places, situation and virtual world from various perspective led the club. Creator Hwang Moon-Jeong, who is a visual artist paying attention to special places and situations that are revealed on the backside of the city and attempting work via various media such as installation, video and games and visual artist Choi Jin-hoon who attempts work that makes us to think about the relationship between virtual world and real world in the era of new media.

<Board Night> club started its 5-week program starting from the orientation for the first week when leaders and members introduce each other and discuss the world view of board game and current situation.

In the second week, brainstorming for the production of a board game started. Leaders and members discussed based on research data and information disclosed in the media regarding the new normal 2.0 era caused by COVID-19 and had time to establish a main story and worked view for a boardgame, which will be the basis for the final version of a board game.

In the third week, they had time to plan a scenario to produce cards to be used for the game. Leaders and members decided to produce two types of cards ‘Event Card’ and ‘Development Card’ based on the board game stories and worldview established in the previous week and shared their ideas and talked about specific scenario by dividing the team into two groups: Event Card Team and Development Card Team. Ethe two teams joined their hands together to make a complete cards by sharing their opinion on the success and failure scenario of the cards.

In the fourth week, they had time to review the content they have thought about and share feedback. They conducted interim checking on the Event Cards and Development Cards, which are planned in the previous week for use in the board game. After the interim review, leaders and members produced a prototype board game of the <Board Night> which will be a trailer for the final version of board game using 3D printer and laser cutting machine.

In the fifth week, leaders and members actually played the prototype boardgame made in the previous week and experienced the new-normal 2.0 future city indirectly. After the completion of game play, they shared the feedback and concluded the session by discussing ways for improvement based on feedback and their personal feelings about the project.

<Board Night> club for 5 weeks where leaders and members who are an expert in different field talked about the worldview on the future and shared storytelling and made their ideas into a board game. Leaders and all members decided to produce a complete board game going beyond the prototype board game. They decided to extend the <Board Night> club program voluntarily after the official program is over. As such <Board Night>club where everyone participated eagerly and actively will provide a fresh experience to the public if they conduct a new season in the future.