Unique Salon of ZER01NE, Start of FUTURE CLUB


The advancement of technologies is changing the world every day. Environmental problems such as abnormal climate and novel viruses such as COVID-19 are making us face new lifestyles that we have never experienced before. In the past, we imagined the world after 100 or 50 years later vaguely, it is true now that we cannot figure out the future 10 years or 5 years from now.

How should we face the future that approaches faster than we think? The clues to the future are scattered around us but it is not easy to pay enough attention as we are busy with our daily lives. People have a desire to interpret such clues from their own perspective and try something new deep in the heart of many people. However, it is also true that most of them are not able to take the first few steps due to the fear and limitations in the reality.

What if there were places where we could fully imagine the future and express our thoughts and ideas without fear? What if there were places full of people who encourage each other to try new things? This is the reasons for the existence of ZER01NE. This is the place where people can step out of the comfort zone and routine life and imagine without limitation, challenge themselves and make something. ZER01NE is a creative ecosystem where weird questions or attempts that look useless are allowed to be tried.

As shown in the hosting of ZER01NE DAY, a creative festival that blurred the boundaries among various fields and showed various programs for creators and startups, ZER01NE has made various efforts to be a playground where people who are eager to make the future to express their creativity. As exchanges and cooperation among different areas could lead to unexpected results of meaning beyond our imagination so it has paid special attention to offering a forum where people are gathered and form network actively.

That is why the launch of FUTURE CLUB, which is a unique salon program introduced by ZER01NE in June feels inevitable. FUTURE CLUB is a program in which ZER01NE creators with skills and personality present interesting and in-depth topics related to the future and people interested in the topics are gathered and conduct a project for a certain period. At the time of recruitment of people for the program, the competition rate was 30:1 on average, obtaining explosive reaction from the general public.

There were two clubs with different topics. One is <DataXSound> led by creators Park Seong-min, Park Seung-soon, Won Jong-guk and Lee Gang-il and the other one is <Board Night> led by creators Hwang Moon-jeong and Choi Jin-hoon.

<DataXSound> is a salon where 4 leaders with unique characteristics who use sound for their work such as electronic musicians, multidisciplinary artists and sound artists . Members make sound with their own colors without having expertise in sound together with leaders.

<Board Night> is designed to create rules by projecting various social issues into the world view of the board game with members and leaders together, which fit the current situation where fears for the future dominate our society due to COVID-19. Through intense discussion, social issues, they produce board games utilizing non-flat system and resolve social issues.

The two clubs lasted five weeks. Leaders and participating members achieved the objectives of their project through close communication throughout the period. On every Wednesday or Thursday at 7:00 pm, members who finished their own work are gathered at ZER01NE and stayed until 10:00 pm or sometimes even later to exchange with others and shared their thoughts. They built their own special experience the would never exists in other places.

(The journey of the two clubs continues in the next episode.)