ZER01NE is pleased to announce ZER01NE 2020 CREATOR OPEN CALL. In its second year of operation, ZER01NE is seeking for a diverse set of perspectives that aim to achieve innovation by self-driven questions and answers. Through 2020 CREATOR program, ZER01NE supports creative talents from various fields who derive creative questions about life based on art, tech, and business, and then find solutions to these problems by quick interpretations and executions. Our goal is for these questions and solutions to become connected and shared as human-centered social values 

1.    Overview
– T/O : 20 open positions for creators
– Program Period : 10 months (starting January 10th, 2020)
– Target : Creators specializing in culture, arts, liberal arts, society, technology, business, etc. Specific examples are as shown below, but not necessarily limited to; visual arts, media, performance, design, architecture, strategic planning, literature, making, engineering, mechanical engineering, programming, entrepreneurship, platform business, and  business model research.
– Requirements : Any creator with a vision and capabilities to participate in programs and execute projects within ZER01NE, despite his or her age, nationality, and gender, is welcome to apply.   

2.    Benefits
– Creator Sponsorship : ZER01NE provides 1,500,000 KRW on a monthly basis(during the 6-month project period)
– Project Sponsorship : ZER01NE provides max 20,000,000 KRW for collaboration projects and max 10,000,000 KRW for personal projects (Collaboration project participation is required to apply for personal projects.)
– Access to ZER01NE programs, studio facilities and equipment   

3.    Selection Process
– Phase 1 : Portfolio Screening
– Phase 2 : Presentation and Interview (Once qualified to pass Phase 1)   

4.    Portfolio
※Download the submission documents from our website: http://zer01ne.zone/
1) Self Introduction and Future Plans (In any digital form)
– Available file formats;
Images : *.jpg, *pdf / Sounds : *.mp3 / Texts : *.doc, *.hwp
Videos : Web streaming links only.
※File Name : ‘YourName_ZER01NE 2020 CREATOR PORTFOLIO’ 
※Maximum volume/size of attached files : Limited to 20MB
※Submitted files will not be returned   

2) Proof of Application
※File Name : ‘YourName_ZER01NE 2020 CREATOR Proof of Application’ 

3) Collection and Usage of Personal Information Agreement(consent required) 
※File name : ‘YourName_ZER01NE 2020 CREATOR Personal Information’   

5.    Application
– Application Period : Oct. 21st, 2019 ~ Nov. 8th 2019 KST.
– Application Channel : apply@zer01nezone.kinsta.cloud (Apply via e-mail(attach portfolio, proof of application, and collection and usage of personal information agreement)
– Only online applications are accepted
– Closing Date : 18:00 KST on Nov. 8th, 2019 (01:00 PST on Nov. 8th, 2019)
※Applications are rejected when submitted after closing date. No additional editing or changes are available after submission. Please make sure that you have completed the application process before then.    

6.    Result Announcement
– Results will be posted on ZER01NE Website. Selected creators will be individually informed.
– Portfolio screening results will be announced in November
– Final interview results will be announced in December
※Interview dates and details will be informed later to creators qualified to pass portfolio screening 

7.    Others
–    The following candidates may be considered inadequate or disqualified to apply as ZER01NE creators.
Those who deliver misinformation and/or blank spaces on needed information
​​​​​​​Those who cannot reliably participate in ZER01NE creator programs due to personal reasons 
Inquiries : ZER01NE CREATOR STUDIO TEAM (apply@zer01nezone.kinsta.cloud)