ZER01NE Day, a Four-day Festival where Everyone Becomes a Creator


A creative festival suggested by ZER01NE, “ZER01NE DAY” was held at the old site of Hyundai Motor Service Center at Wonhyo-ro for four days from October 19 to 22, 2018. Aiming to present an opportunity to think of new future in the vast space with the remaining traces of the past, the theme of the event was “Create Your ( ), You Can Be the Creator.” The parentheses “( )”, which symbolize a blank space, stand for ZER01NE’s boundless possibility, which is empty and therefore can contain or become anything.

At ZER01NE DAY, a site of about 18,000m2 was divided into spaces for the event including Creator Studio, Startup Square, Open Stage, Creator Space, and F&B Lounge. Programs under various themes were also provided, inviting everyone to freely use their imagination to interact and welcoming whomever participated in the event as creators.

Since March this year, ZER01NE has managed a program for supporting and fostering selected 20 artists and seven startups for new creative activities. Placed near the entrance, Creator Studio disclosed the final results of 21 projects conducted by ZER01NE creators for six months for the first time to the public in an open-studio style. Produced by a group of creators or a collaborative team between the creators and startups, the works demonstrated different subjects such as smart city, robot, AI, VR, and autonomous driving through convergence between art and technology; they were not merely displays of uniqueness or novelty but serious approaches to the problems to be faced in near future, which drew enthusiastic response from the visitors, while the audio guide featuring the voice of the creators helped the visitors understand the works.

At Startup Square, 40 startups including the ones that worked with ZER01NE along with large companies including Hanhwa DreamPlus, KT, and Samsung Next as accelerators introduced their technologies and visions. Passionately introducing their services and demonstrating their products and technologies by themselves at the event presenting innovative ideas on all the advanced technologies such as AI, FinTech, security, material, mobility, and blockchain, the startups had an opportunity to meet investors and people in the industry who constantly asked questions about the future the companies imagined.

At Creator Space, where the public and creators joined in creative activities, various programs were prepared including “BUILD YOUR CAR AGAIN”, where participants made something new out of about 10,000 parts from a disused car, training and trial of drones and about 20 devices needed for creative activities, 3D pen experience, and upcycling experience where by-products such as leather were used to create new products. “CREATOR CAMP” was also held there during the whole period of the event, collecting people in advance to select 100 as creative talents from different areas such as art, technology, or business and letting them create works on the site as in a hackathon.

At Open Stage in the center of the event site, many programs were constantly held to add to the abundance of the event, including “Panel Discussion” and a networking program “Meet-Up”, where the startups shared their experiences and insight; “ZER01NE CREATOR TALK”, where ZER01NE creators had free discussion on art and technology; and “Creator Camp Show”, where the participant of the creator camp presented their results.

Going beyond an exhibition focused on technology or art and rather pursuing a festival held in the center of the city, ZER01NE DAY provided the five spaces that offered art, passion, communication, rest, and joy, which were playgrounds that provided the visitors different experiences to interact with each other and play as much as they liked. During the event, where people from different groups broke down the boundaries and shared their values on the occasion of “festival”, what kind of collision and synergy would have been generated? Some of the visitors, seeing the vision of ZER01NE, showed great interest in the ZER01NE creators to be newly collected and sought for an opportunity to participate. It is highly hoped to see ZER01NE DAY again soon, which expanded the base of interaction and aimed to communicate with the public.