[Zer01ne News] Unfamiliar pleasure


New technologies that have deeply penetrated into a life. Networking using genetic information, 3D-printed wagyu, and art projects combined with e-sports.


1. Innate relationship? SNS following by gene

People meet through SNS for various reasons. It is also for the purpose to share hobbies and interests or to expand networks. However, people gathered in ‘DNA Talk (tentative name)’ share genetic information. They can meet other users who are very similar in nature from physical traits to genetic diseases including blood types. Basically, the users need to register their genetic information in the application. Then, the application analyzes the registered information and recommends other users.

It allows genetically similar people share things beyond daily life. They can empathize with each other about what career path they have in mind, how they study, and the way they make friends. Also, it has never been better because they can even share health information such as suitable food for their constitution, genetic diseases to watch out, and etc.

MyGenomeBox, which develops DNA Talk, is a genome Big Data company and has analyzed 700,000 core genes and provided a service to inform the risk of disease outbreaks. If the number of users of DNA Talk increases, it is expected that it will be developed as a platform that can share information on preventing and treating specific diseases through Big Data.


2. The most perfect marbling

Why is sirloin so delicious? It is probably because of the shiny white marbling between the proteins. Sirloin mixed with a moderate proportion of fat is a very small amount of beef cuts. Of course, it is bound to be expensive. What if you could make your own sirloin as much as you like? Researchers at Osaka University created a piece of meat with the same tissue distribution as wagyu sirloin using stem cells isolated from Japanese native Wagyu beef with a 3D bioprinter. They produced individual fibers including muscle, fat, and blood vessels using 3D printing techniques and then created cultured meat with the size of a gummy bear from the fibrous tissue using 3D printer. Researchers have announced that this technology will enable the production of steaks that reproduce the complex wagyu beef structure.

The key for cultured meat produced with 3D printing technology is delicacy. In the past, there have been cases of producing cultured meat with a relatively simple structure, such as lean-oriented minced meat. However, this is the first time to duplicate a tissue in which fat and protein are intricately intertwined.
Cultured meat which is nearly lean meat is expected for mass-production soon. The cultured meat market projected to witness a faster growth proving with marketing authorization on chicken-cultured meat products in Singapore. Cell-cultured meat can be produced using only 1% of land and 10% of water compared to general livestock farming. It seems that the environmental issues caused by the livestock industry can be greatly reduced. Now, all that remains is to improve consumer awareness.


3. 20th Anniversary of WCG ART PLAY

World Cyber Games (WCG), the world’s largest global e-sports competition, presented a collaborative project to celebrate its 20th anniversary. As a result of focused and motivated on what oneself likes, the resemblance of an artist and an e-sports player who lives a life of ‘ perfect match between work and hobby’ met properly.

The nine artists including costume designer, Hanhee Gye, painter, Sunwoo Kim, actor and painter, Kiwoong Park, pop artist, Artnom, graffiti writer, Artime Joe, architect, Youngwook Oh, pixel artist, Jaebum Joo, painter, Kwaya, and contemporary artist, Khun lavishly decorated the ‘WCG Art Play’ with the worldview in their work on game and e-sports. As each artist is actively working in various fields, distinctive features that freely used techniques such as textile painting, oil painting, gouache, digital printing, and digital collage can be seen.

For the project, the artists reflected childhood memories and creative imaginations related to games, special images that can be observed in e-sports, and the enthusiasm of match in their works. We hope that the audience can recall the common grounds between game and art through this.