[Zer01ne News] Technology that evokes daily life


Taste food that made by AI chef and enjoys the super personalized offline shopping while enjoying artwork at museum dedicated to NFT. Technology that changes everyday scenery.


1 First NFT museum
There is still controversy on NFT art in world of art. In Seattle, USA, opened the museum that displays NFT artwork (Seattle NFT Museum). “Digital art can bring dramatic effect of art when look at in actual size”. As Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton said they are showing different steps from original art galleries. It has 30screens made in a special size, and they said that other than displaying the permanent artwork, prefer giving more opportunities to new artists. Here, can trade the work like commercial gallery or they can show their NFT art collection where rent it from artist, creator and collector. Using the flexibility of NFT artwork which is easy to send their collection and free from taking space. Currently, NFT collector Aaron Bird is participating in the collection exhibition and exhibiting general art that creates works according to algorithms created by author Tyler Hobbs, including the popular Larva Labs work Crypto Punks series


2. Strategy of Amazon for comfortable offline shopping
Even online shopping provides the personalized recommending service, it’s useless if it does not suits customers. That’s why we are visiting offline store. However, customers need to prepare for some precautions. Smooth conversation with clerks who are recommending clothes to you, need energy to carry the clothes, if you want to try on variety of clothes. So if customers want to shop with out disturbtion, they should pay attention to ‘Amazon Style’, which Amazon’s first offline clothing to be introduced. In here they do not have to meet people walking around with clothes. In this application, clothes will already be ready after taking preferred clothes’ QR code and selecting the size and preferred color. AI is suggesting the clothes which suits customers like online shopping. Sometimes, customers want to try on other clothes while they are trying on clothes in fitting room. By using touch screen which is available in fitting room, then member of staff will bring it to them. If they type in payment information in advance, the payment will be made by handing in palm, clothes they hesitated to buy at the store and missed can be saved as they can be purchased at home.


3 AI Chef, Same taste as chef
Sometimes little difference decides everything. Taste of food is same. The “AI Chef Solution,” which combines food sensors and cooking robots introduced by food tech startup “Beyond Honeycomb,” challenges this stereotype. Through technology, the chef’s menu is of the same quality. When chef starts to cook in the specially designed kitchen, food censor collects the date in particles and finally AI starts to cook after collecting all the data. Monitoring the condition of food ingredients every moment, controls the temperature accoding to each food ingredients and as a result delicately reproduces the taste of food.

If it’s hard to visit restaurant like these days, it has advantage of eating chef’s food anywhere. AI solution revealed in CES2022, completes the Chef Minji Kim’s Black salmon toast (Mish Mash) and Chef Jaehoon Lee’s Chicken steak (Cadeluppo). This suggests that there is a possibility of this machine can be used in hotel, company cafeteria and Ai restaurant.