[Zer01ne News] JUST PLAY! Things to enjoy in touch with the future


The new face of e-commerce, the indie game loved more by experts and even ‘Spot’ in the gallery. Technology for players.


1. Shop now at Google!

In 2021, Google held a conference of ‘Google I/O’ for developers. The topic is E-commerce. Anyone with sharp eyes would have noticed? The ‘SHOP NOW’ button appeared on YouTube in 2020! This will be just the beginning.

Google introduces various shopping processes starting this year. For example, the ‘Shopping Graph’ is an AI that analyzes and informs about over 24 billion products, sellers, brands, reviews, product information and inventory data. It is easy to think of it as a model that helps you shop with massive amounts of real-time data. And Google expanded a ‘partnership with Shopify’. Google will help you find suitable vendors on Shopify, a multinational e-commerce platform with over 1 million stores, based on consumer preferences identified on search, shopping and YouTube. At last, ‘Google Lens’ is also remarkable. What if you found a product or pattern you like in images stored in Google Photos? You will be able to see where similar products are sold through Google Lens. It is different from the method of directly accessing the site and finding the items you like!

The goal of Google is clear. Let consumers find the joy of shopping again! Google wants to recreate the experience of meeting our favorite props in a small shop that we suddenly ran into. In the belief that accidental discoveries are possible even in online shopping!


2. Elon Musk’s favorite game?

There is a game that loses its new aura a few years after its release and becomes a world of so-called ‘stagnant water’. On the other hand, the Kerbal Space Program (KPS) always makes the player a beginner. Since 2011, the game has been deeply loved by countless space-minded professionals, from programmers and aircraft engineers to prospective astronauts. Of course, Elon Musk is one of them.

The player is a space engineer. The spacecraft has to be put into orbit. As mentioned before, real engineers are eager for this extremely difficult game. The laws of physics that are frighteningly close to reality are implemented in the game, so spaceships explode like firecrackers on the launch pad. Even if the launch is successful, it is often crashed. But the stubbornness gathers to land the spacecraft in orbit one day made the game a success.

After the official release of the PC version, the Kerbal Space Program has been continuously updated since Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc took over the rights in 2017. The versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S will be released in the second half of 2021.


3. Spot shot

Collective MSCHF always boasts a playful plan. This time, a performance called <Spot’s Rampage> was presented with the quadrupedal robot, ‘Spot’. It is enough to attract attention just to release the robot dog, Spot, in the art exhibition hall which has been active mainly in industrial and accident sites such as wards, underground mines, nuclear power plants, oil rigs, etc.

The performance is very simple. It starts by attaching a paintball launcher to Spot’s back and bringing it into the art exhibition hall filled with various works. Participants who were waiting online through the application are randomly selected every two minutes and they can remotely control Spot. When Spot’s point of view is visible on the screen, the participants who become players can shoot paintballs as if it is a first-person shooter game. It is another fun thing to watch Spot move smoothly on command. You can still check the video of the event site at that time and the viewpoint of the spot on the webpage (spotsrampage.com).

The robot dog, Spot is expanding its functions and activity scope day by day from the ‘Spot Arm’ that can be additionally mounted, and the web browser-based remote control platform, ‘Scout’, to the self-charging system, ‘Spot Enterprise’. Also, you can get a glimpse of the possibility of activities in the fields of art and entertainment through this performance.