Dongjoo Seo

  • 2020 Creator
Media Installation Artist & Graphic Designer

Creator Seo Dong-joo intends to continuously explore the ambiguous relationship between contemporary humans and the world through a medium that combines various conceptual and technical methodologies of art creation.

Creator Dong-joo Seo is a media installation artist and graphic designer who explores interdisciplinary research in anthropology, literature, and humanities, as well as technical and conceptual methodology of art creation. He embodies visual, multimedia installation, and design media, and related philosophy and theory to the fluidity of perception and sense of the relationship between the body, matter, mind and time and space according to the change of social and political conditions of contemporary life and the development of media and science and technology. Through To explore. He intends to present it in a variety of art forms that combine cinematic imagination with several new and old production techniques. Dong-joo Seo received a master’s degree from the Department of Visual & Media Anthropology at the Free University of Berlin and a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Visual Design at Kookmin University.