Dongjoo Seo

  • 2020 Creator
Media Installation Artist & Graphic Designer

Creator Dongjoo Seo wishes to explore the ambiguous relationship between individual and society through media that combines various conceptual and technical methodologies of artistic creation.

Creator Dongjoo Seo is an installation artist who carries out research in the fields of anthropology, literature and human studies and, explores technical and conceptual methodologies of artistic creation.

His primary works include video works, multimedia installations and various design media. Seo explores the changes in the awareness and perspective regarding the relations between, body, matter, mind, time and space as social and political conditions change and as media and science technologies advance using philosophical theories and, expresses his messages through various art combining his cinematic imaginations and new as well as conventional production techniques.
Seo received a B.A in Visual Design from Kookmin University and an M.A in Visual and Media Anthropology from the Free University of Berlin. He has participated in group exhibitions held at the Vision Hall of Hyundai Motor Company, Ars Electronica Festival, Amore Pacific Museum of Art, National Museum of Contemporary Art and Seoul Olympic Museum of Art and, has worked as a director for the 2018 Sulhwa Culture Exhibition. Seo received the Hyundai Motor Group VH Award (2019), won the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (2008) and won the LOTTE Museum of Art Young Artist Award (2019). Seo has also participated in residency programs of Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria) and Proyecto´acePIRAR (Buenos Aires, Argentina).