[CT3K] DooYoung Kim

[CT3K] 김두영
  • 2021 Creator
AR/VR Engineer

Team CT3K explores ways to break the boundaries between reality and virtual with a startup mindset through the combination of science, technology and art.

The CT3K team was first created for the Zer01ne creator project in 2021. It consists of team leader Dooyoung Kim, who is building technology in the AR/VR field based on various startup experiences, Jinwook Kim, who is researching new interactions or usability in contents by combining VR/AR, and Seonghyeon Kim, who have participated in various media art works with interest in convergence of technology and art. While building technical edges in different labs, they gathered to find answers to the question, “How can we expand the space inside the vehicle for the immersive experience of users when the autonomous driving era grows in value as a space?”. By utilizing the technical expertise of three member, we want to apply the currently implementable state-of-art level technology to vehicles to show extended UI/UX in vehicles that can be commercialized in the near future. Starting with the 2021 zero-one project, which breaks down boundaries with driving environments – remote spaces around vehicles and give extended experiences.