Gang il, Yi

  • 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Sound Artist

Creator Gang il Yi deeply explores the potential live audio streaming has as a new artistic medium.

Creator Gang il Yi is a sound artist that primarily uses electronic circuits and computer programing for his work.<br><br>Yi runs a live audio streaming project called ‘Weather Report’ with another sound artist Jiyeon Kim and is constantly exchanging technological ideas and knowledge on wireless streaming systems with a London based artist collective called Soundcamp. Yi is currently studying how and at which point could art and technology meet with various social phenomena and contexts. Yi is also an art educator that teaches sound mixology and algorithmic composition using computer programming.<br>Yi has participated in various collaborative projects including <Jecheon International Music & Film Festival: Musical Theater>(Jecheon Cultural Center, 2019), <Catch Ball-Catch Bomb>(Donuimun Museum Village, 2018), 《Paradise Art Lab Showcase 2019》(Studio Paradise, 2019) and 《The Second City, The Third Community》(Songdo, Incheon 2017).<br>