Hoonida Kim

후니다 킴
  • 2018 Creator
  • 2019 Alumni
  • 2020 Alumni
  • 2021 Alumni
Meta Media Artist & Air Sculptor

Creator Hoonida Kim wants to enhance posthumanistic sensitivity in our world where digital technologies have become part of the ecosystem.

Creator Hoonida Kim observes background objects that exist but also do not exist in the psychophysical sense if one chooses not to perceive them. He also studies ways to increase human sensitivity in our society that is changing rapidly because of technologies. By converting sounds and computing which are background objects sunk below the surface, into meta media so that objects are not fixed only to their signifiers or meanings and, creating environmental devices which enable us to sense and experience objects in new ways, Kim sculpts air and composes spaces.
He participated in group exhibitions at the 《Da Vinci Creative》, 《Aichi Triennale 2016》, Tokyo NTT Intercommunication Center and Nam June Paik Art Center and held solo exhibitions like 《Space Composition “Sound Drawing”》(SOBO.Tokyo, Tokyo, 2016) and 《Familiarity•Cumulating•Melting – Unfamiliar Translation of Everyday Life》(Perigee Gallery, Seoul, 2018). Also, since 2014, he has been part of a meta media collective that works with technological media kits under the name of PROTOROOM (Hoonida Kim and Seungbum Kim).