JeWon Yoon

  • 2021 Creator
Multidisciplinary Artist & Independent Curator

Creator Je-won Yoon is interested in the way the image/information of cyberspace is accepted by the audience as a new media platform and the disengagement of the audience that occurs when it is embodied in the manifested visual form of exhibition, and pays attention to the dynamic relationship between virtual and reality.

Creator Jewon Yoon was active as a top-ranked domestic game leader and as a user manager for the largest game community in Korea at the time. Since the game was soon the life of the writer, it ended up with self-narration without inconsistency between his life and his work. Through these experience and the theories that can support them, we are challenging the Play Art, that is, <Doing Art>, which draws the aesthetic foundation of ‘virtual and reality, cyberspace and game’ beyond empirical theory and plays art based on them. We are conducting aesthetic research using data accumulated from the experience of the digital world experienced at the points of contact between the virtual world of games and the online culture of the community and the real world, which is an offline culture called Bungae.