[민교수와김앤장] 김준영
  • 2021 Creator
System Engineer & Digital Artist

MINGYOSUWAKIMANDJANG believes that autonomous driving requires technology for animals, and through communication with people, they examine future issues from a humanistic perspective.

In 2018 years, MINGYOSUWAKIMANDJANG started a minor revolution, saying, ‘Let’s make a world where people can live,’ getting tired of solving only problems through engineering knowledge acquired in school by mechanical engineering students. In 2018 years, compared to the expansion of underground construction, safety equipment was insufficient, so a system was established to identify the location of workers, and it was selected as an excellent paper by a related society. In 2021 years, environmental issues arose, and policies for people and the environment were activated, but policies and related technologies for animals were lacking. Animals were found to be most killed by vehicles, which are the means of transportation by people. Accordingly, we propose a resolution for animals so that all living things in the world have the right to live happily and safely. In 2021 years, Professor Min and Kim & Jang are trying to change the world to the advantage by shooting small balls.