Audio-Visual Artist

    “Kohui experiments and explores senses of sound while focusing on connecting sound and different shades of relationships.”

    “He sheds a light on multiple fasades of a space, individuals, and nature within the relationship that links with sound. Furthermore, via algorithm programming, his Audio-Visual, Generative Art, and Sound work connects various relationships. Having natural form and phenomenon as a major source of inspiration, he aims to explore the possibility of sound as a nature’s language.

    After debuting at WeSA Festival (2016), his works were also introduced at ACT FESTIVAL(2019), MUTEK MONTREAL(2021), and Digital Resonance(2022). He works robustly in both inside and outside of the Republic of Korea and SEOUL LIGHT(2021) is one of the more recent works. He is also known as a creator of generative art tutorial Youtube channel called ‘Noto the Talking Ball’.”