[korinsky/seo] Sujin Seo

[korinsky/seo] 서수진
    Installation Artist

    “korinsky/seo studies biophilia, a natural human tendency to admire and to find a connection with nature, and the inseparable relationship between humans and nature. Two aim to create an experience where people can feel like they are being part of the much bigger and stronger natural world.”

    “korinsky/seo are based in Berlin and Seoul and work based on biophilia. Their work demonstrates physically altered reality by transforming nature’s organic movement by interfering with sound, light, and movement. By doing this, they show the ephemeral and delicate beauty of nature by transforming the most ordinary surroundings to surreal reality.

    korinsky/seo works have been introduced to BOZAR – Centre for Fine Arts, Melbourne Biennial, Ars Electronica, Kraftwerk Berlin, and Paradise Art Lab Festival. They continue to examine the inseparable relationship between humans and nature.”