Kwanwoo Park

  • 2019 Creator
  • 2020 Lab
  • 2021 Alumni
Contemporary Artist.

Creator Kwanwoo Park explores human self-consciousness in the posthumanistic era.

Creator Kwanwoo Park wants to throw a fundamental question about human consciousness and portray his ideas through various media including sculptures, photos, videos and interactive installations. He explores the conditions behind the process of human identity development and thinks about how various issues related to human consciousness and identity would be understood in the posthumanistic era where the boundaries between humans and non-humans are ambiguous.
Park has been nominated for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize (London, 2018) and has participated the 《The 5thNew Artists Exhibition》(Posco Art Museum, Seoul, 2018). He has also participated in various international HCI (human computer interaction) conferences including the “TEI 2015” held at Stanford University and “CHI 2015” held at Seoul COEX.