Luke Rideout

Luke Rideout
  • 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Strategic Designer & Installation Artist

Creator Luke Rideout focuses on developing socially and environmentally sustainable approaches to design for the 21st century.

Creator Luke Rideout is a trans-disciplinary designer, thinker and maker working in the fields of social design and visual communication.

With 5+ years experience in multi-medium research and production he creates captivating narratives that concisely communicate both complex datasets and nuanced social perspectives. Through strategic interventions, informed by immersion in the culture of institutions or hyperlocal communities, Rideout seeks to inspire socially and environmentally conscious systems change. He is driven by a desire to empower people in reimagining their daily lives, often blending playful critique with real world storytelling to create moments of cathartic reflection. Above all, he is a logical mind searching for creative solutions.