Mimi Jeong

  • 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Choreographer & Dancer

Creator Mimi Jeong aims to introduce a new artistic vocabulary that deviates from existing forms, in which a symbiosis appears through nonverbal communication without excluding space, sound, and movement.

Creator Mimi Jeong is a choreographer and a modern dancer.

She works in the fields of multi-disciplinary and trans-media dance performance, performing arts, visual arts and digital arts throughout Germany, Switzerland and Seoul. She completed her B. A. dance studies at the Folkwang University of the Arts and M. A. choreography studies at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) in Germany. As a dancer, she aims to offer a new identity and a new direction for the all-encompassing, symbiotic relationship between space, sound and movement through her nonverbal expressions. Since 2004, Jeong participated in various projects as a guest dancer at the Pina Bausch Company and the Münster Municipal Dance Theatre and, as a regular dancer at the Bremen Dance Theatre. In addition to working on independent creative projects, Jeong has also supervised workshops and seminars as a guest instructor at various festivals and universities including the Folkwang University of the Arts.