Mo Kim

  • 2019 Creator
  • 2020 Alumni
  • 2021 Alumni
Installation Artist

Creator Mo Kim explores the relationship between the audience and artworks from various angles.

Creator Mo Kim is interested in the creative process that involves audience participation. Serving the roles as a promoter, narrator, guide, performer and a spectator, he is always thinking about ways to create new relationships between artists and the audience. He uses instructions to bring the audience into his creative process to turn the passive role of the audience into an active one and to create new interactions between the artworks and the audience. He has held solo exhibitions like 《Let me in》(Wooseok Hal, 2012), 《Good bye》(Cy Art Space, 2013) and 《Light Therapy Room》(Reid Building, Glasgow, 2016) as well as group exhibitions at Culture Station Seoul 284 and Culture Tank. He has also participated in residency programs at Agora Affect (Germany, 2015), SeMA Nanji Residency (2017) and Incheon Art Platform (2018).