Reize Caroline

Reize Caroline
  • 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Media Artist

Creator Reize Caroline transforms emotion into multi-sensory media works.

Creator Reize Caroline is a German media artist that creates experimental, minimalist images.

She focuses on creating images that bring out the inner emotions of people and allows the viewers to experience new emotions upon seeing the shapes, patterns and colors of her images.
She uses a variety of media and collaborate with various sound artists to help the audience have a multilateral experience. Also, she is always working to bridge the gap between art and technology to maximize the effect of her work.
She has exhibited her works through projects like 《PRECTXE Showcase Vol. 2》(Bucheon Art Bunker, 2020), 《Impact X Showcase》(KOCCA Contents Human Resource Center in Hongneung, 2019) and KOCCA Da Vinci Project (2019).