Seungsoon Park

  • 2018 Creator
  • 2019 Lab
  • 2020 Alumni
  • 2021 Alumni
Electronic Musician

#Aqua phonics #Playing in water #Deep learning algorithm #Image and sound #Interactive Creator Seungsoon Park has been integrating sounds and music with various media and technologies and is trying to create new values by converging arts, technologies and business elements.

Creator Seungsoon Park is an electronic music composer, media artist and convergence arts management researcher. He is also a co-founder of IDEAN which is a music label/artist collective and a director of music technology startup, NEUTUNE. Park in part of various work and projects that integrate music and sounds for different media and as an electronic music composer, he creates musical narratives based on space, nature and philosophy. He focuses on creating imaginary soundscapes by designing experimental acoustic spaces. Also, as a media artist, he uses water, light, sounds and AI to experiment with new composing methods, interfaces and installation work.