[Sun Stealers] Heesoo Cho

[Sun Stealers] 조희수
    Artist & Film Director

    Sun Stealers aims to broaden the understanding of the world of intricacy between the truth and false by looking straight into the matrix within the opaque process that this world offers.

    “Sun Stealers consist of White Hacker in offensive security Donghyun Lee and Heesoo Cho, a movie director, and visual artist.

    “Contemporary thieves will get caught by more agile ones.”

    A hacker who attempts to manipulate an established system and a visual artist who architects the most comprehensive world of art came together to tell the story of the prevailing robbery of the modern world. With their work, they wish to raise questions about the existence, false, and gray area between the two while telling s story about the proactive attitude they think people should take between the notion of ownership and non-ownership and order.”