Sunghyeop Seo

  • 2019 Creator
  • 2020 Alumni
  • 2021 Alumni
Visual Artist

Creator Sunghyeop Seo, as a ‘meaning producer’, tries to understand the social roles of arts and design through various creative processes that deal with designing, space and installation art.

Creator Sunghyeop Seo calls the method of mixing the universal sense shared by different media ‘topological’. In addition, the sense derived from the topological methodology is defined as ‘phase sense’ and established in its own form. Based on this methodology, he researches to further deepen the topological sense that moves tightly in a three-dimensional relationship: the status between tradition and the contemporary, the status between visual art and music, the status between the performer and the audience, and the problem between humans and non-humans.
Recently, he is looking for a method of mixing media and form by paying attention to the keyword “hybrid”. The concept of ‘pure-being’ in the unmixed state of purity, that is, the question of purity and restoration of the various possibilities that were removed in the process of becoming obedient. And through the method of reproducing it in a mixed state, he creates cracks and gaps in the narrative created by pure-being, and questions the existing system and way of thinking.