• 2021 Creator
New Media Architect

IVAAIU City will create 100 hypothetical future city transportation infrastructure system models and derive 1 specific model to physically realize for exploring cultural potentials of future city scape together with audiences.

IVAAIU City is a new media creators group based in Seoul and Tokyo. The idea of this group was developed in 2013 from the thesis of an identical title, [IVAAIU Urban Instrument: Hyper-Complex Civic Monument], written by Donguk Agos Lee, the director of the group. The group pursues a new future city type that integrates from the ‘Idea’ to ‘Visual’ to ‘Audio’ to ‘Architecture’ to ‘Infrastructure’ to ‘Urbanism’.  The group has been working on the various formats of projects including new media installations, audio-visual performances, new structural system designs, future city planning and so on. Currently six different members are associated including Donguk Agos Lee, a city planner/architect/musician, Yangho Shin, a visual artist/stage director, Sung-su Park, a new media architect/visual artist, Hiroto Takeuchi, a sound designer and Jiin Yoon, a product designer. Through interdisciplinary projects the group aims to align the technology with art ideology of the age we are living in to create a new kind of urbanism.