Sungyoon Jung

  • 2019 Creator
  • 2020 Alumni
  • 2021 Alumni
Installation Artist

Creator Sungyoon Jung contemplates on the meaning of relationships and human identity through sculptor and installation work using mechanical devices.

Creator Sungyoon Jung creates installation works and sculptures using mechanical devices that move in repetition. Using mechanical mechanisms, he visualizes the circulation structure in which human desires and beliefs form, expand and come to end to ultimately understand the trauma of losing human identity.
Jung has held solo exhibitions like 《Network Impossible》(Art Space Hue, 2007), 《Possibility of Device》(Gallery Chosun, 2012), 《Minor Threat》(Kim Chong Yung Museum, 2016) as well as group exhibitions held at Seoul Museum of Art, Arko Art Center and Culture Station Seoul 284. Jung has also participated in residency programs at SeMA Nanji Residency (2013) and MMCA Goyang Residency (2017).