Unhappy Circuit

  • 2020 Creator
Multidisciplinary Artist

Creator Unhappy Circuit asks the questions about “new human being” and explore the next direction for “humanity” through his works.

Creator Unhappy Circuit is thinking about “humanity of the future” through the convergence of art, science, and technology.

​​​​​​​He asks the questions about “What kind of beings are humans?” and explores the next direction for humanity through his works. He believes that it is the ultimate value of art, science, and technology to constantly ask us the questions about ourselves so that we are not lost in the Universe. Unhappy Circuit has exhibited works based on Al, data and audio-visual through <Music of Memories>(Asia Culture Center, 2017), <Learning About Human>(The 6th Bio-Art Contest, 2018) and <i Remember>(Arts Council Korea, 2019). In 2019, as an artist member of Asia Culture Center’ s Creators in Lab, he exhibited an Al-cooking performance titled (Learning About Humanity)(Asia Culture Center, 2019), an audio-visual work created with radio telescope observation data <A Letter Across the Stars>(Asia Culture Center, 2019) and an Al music <A Synthetic Song Beyond the Sea>(Art Center Nabi, 2019). With ZER01NE 2020, he is currently working on a project about “interstellar message” to extraterrestrial intelligence.