Unhappy Circuit

  • 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Multidisciplinary Artist

Creator Unhappy Circuit is searching for extraterrestrial intelligence and thinking about ways to communicate with them.

Unhappy Circuit is a contemporary new media artist in Korea. His works take a multidisciplinary perspective based on astronomy, biology, data science and linguistics. Basically, he has a strong curiosity about other intellectual beings such as artificial intelligence, whales and extraterrestrials. Based on this curiosity, he is trying to explore and truly understand them through his works. By exploring non-human beings, he wants to expand the scope of humanity. And through this, he ultimately seeks the next direction for our civilization to go forward.
Currently, as a member of Hyundai Motor Group’s open innovation platform ZER01NE, he is working on designing new interstellar messages to communicate for extraterrestrial intelligence.