Youngjun, KIM

  • 2020 Creator
  • 2021 Alumni
Service & Product Planner

Creator Youngjun KIM explores the essence of the human being and technology and, studies how technologies can have positive impact on humans and societies.

Creator Youngjun Kim is a service and product planner that plans services using consumer data and experiences. Kim is focused on the relations between human, spaces, technologies and data, their fundamental nature and problems that arise among them.
Deeply interested in the historical context of ‘Eulji-ro’ which is the manufacturing heart of Seoul and being concerned with the redevelopment project carried out aggressively throughout this historic town, Kim and twelve other designers started a project called <2019 Eulji-ro Town Calendar> (2018). Kim has also participated in a project called <Record: Living a Minimalist Lifestyle> (2019) to give people an opportunity to think about what to throw away and what to remember in an information-saturated era. Currently, Kim runs a user experience design study group called UX Philosophy and is working to explore the essence of human-technology and human-data relations, focusing on urgent problems like digital alienation in our rapidly advancing society and unbalanced information consumption from chaotic recommendation algorithms.