NEUROSENSE Specializes in IoT sensor for smart factory and AI Embedded system semiconductor

In the era of the Internet of Everything(IOE) coming along with the 4th Industrial Revolution which faces a great turning point of the paradigm shift of all industries, NEUROSENSE keeps pursuing the market leader position of edge computing technology which is essential for converting ordinary IoT sensors into intelligent IoT sensor.
The edge computing technology developed by NEUROSENSE is an end-point smart IoT solution that implements artificial intelligence by embedding AI algorithms into the edge sensor, and is expected to rapidly grow in the various applications. The 4th industrial revolution will bring a huge change in most of industries by fusing artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT sensors and thus, continue to create a multiple new products in various fields. In particular, the smart IoT sensor with embedded edge intelligence shall become a mega-trend in AI Market.
In this market situation, we are confident that NEUROSENSE’s unique edge computing AI technology, and the system semiconductor(SiP:System-in-Package) which is optimally designed for edge computing AI will serve as a future technology that will offer new value propositions to our IoT sensor customers.