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Electrochromic glass roof solution for light control

General sunroof has 10~20% transmittance in visible light that is permanent, not changeable. If customers hope to change the transmittance, they can attach the polymer film to decrease transmittance permanently. And also the permanent film will be discolored after exposing sunlight for a long time. However, smart glass can control sunlight intensity in changeable range.
Electrochromic smart glass can control transmittance of glass applied by small electric power. The transmittance range is 1 to 10%, hopely can be changeable at wider range. Oxide film having electrochromic property is very thin and so very similar regular glass in external appearance. Smart glass has a lot flexibility in blocking sunlight in wide range and following advantages. The sunroof applied smart glass still has open air feeling over 10% and reduce heat build up inside the vehicle under 1% transmittance when parked. Therefore the sunroof assist to reduce heating and conditioning requirements and your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And also the smart glass expand design freedom and creativity more.