Provide solvent-free polyurethane and EMA adhesion method for manufacturing eco-friendly automobile interior materials

Solvent-free polyurethane is a moisture-curing adhesive, and EMA is a co-polyamide MAH cross-linked adhesive that is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, and is human-friendly and eco-friendly by minimizing adhesive waste.
In addition, the lower working temperature compared to the existing method contributes to quality improvement by minimizing wrinkles and lifting of leather seats.
Even if the application amount is less than 30g, the MS specification is satisfied, and the material does not block the ventilation hole with a small application amount, which has an excellent effect on improving ventilation performance.
Currently, the PUR/EMA method is being applied to about 20 models of Hyundai Motors and has proven its effectiveness by reducing the defect rate by more than 95% since application.