We operate “VODA AI Vision Platform”, the AI platform for manufacturing which analyzes and monitors quality-inspection images with the artificial intelligence.

We operate “VODA AI Vision Platform,” that allows customers to apply and utilize AI quality inspection efficiently. With the adoption of AI machine vision for the consistency of quality inspection, we provide a platform to improve the difficulty of on-site operation of AI machine vision. Once our platform is linked to the manufacturing fields, the managers of the factories experience an advanced quality inspection service. In addition, they will be able to manage and monitor manufacturing images and videos on a single platform. Our customers can conveniently maintain a high level of quality inspection since we provide the remote development of AI algorithms as a service. All the steps for quality inspection, such as collection, processing, operation, and monitoring of manufacturing data, can be realized in a single platform. Plus, our platform enables real-time management of quality inspection statuses regardless of the managers’ locations.