Safeware Inc.

AI Wearable Airbag solution R&D Company

New paradigm of transportation are reshaping urban life, such as personal mobility, e-mobility, autonomous cars, and aviation mobility. Future transport systems will be complex, data-driven, and integrated with air and ground transport modes. The interior design of the car is undergoing a fundamental change: the steering wheel and pedal will no longer be required and the vehicle owner will select the desired driving mode and hand over the vehicle control to the installed system. On Level 5 vehicles, windshields and other windows are not required. In addition, there is no longer a safety-related reason to arrange passenger seats in the direction of travel. For example, passengers can sit together at a round table or place two seats facing each other, similar to a train cabin. The combination of safety features and innovative interior design will make totally new experience of autonomous driving. Stage 5 Autonomous passenger compartments are equipped with more airbags. We note the passenger safety of future mobility integrated into these smart cities. Entertainment programs and a relaxed atmosphere are the new priorities for travelers’ relaxation and this autonomous passenger compartment requires more invisible safety for passenger. Based on the know-how of personal wearable airbag research, Safeware is studying a new safety airbag system that responds to the future mobility environment.