Edge Computing solution for 1) sensor data collection 2) AI algorithm development & verification 3) remote monitoring and 4) data pre-processing for autonomous driving

Cellplus Korea has manpower to develop “Camera, ISP, Autonomous Sensors, Car Platform, Ultra-speedy Interfaces for S/W, H/W, O2O. And we can cover all kinds of processes on AI sensor data such as acquisition, processing and management according to customer’s demands. We serve the acquisition & processing of data based on AI with high quality & low cost . Also, we’re providing verification service of sensor fusion and AI Algorithms development services for edge computing.
Our clients are using Cellplus Korea’s edge computing solutions for, specifically,
1) Lv.3 autonomous car’s DAQ
2) Lv.4 autonomous car’s DAQ
3) Robotaxi’s real-time remote monitoring system via 5G+ WebRTC system
4) Verification/development of ADAS, AI,Vision solutions for replay & simulator systems
5) SVM Camera splitter for autonomous
6) Others
– CCTV based on Lidar
– Vision system based on AI
Our solution will be extended to other 4th industries such as smart factory, Drone, CCTV security, connected car.