Smartinside AI

The company specializes in construction industry safety solutions using AI and IoT sensors

Smartinside AI provides construction industry safety solutions through various IoT specialized sensors for structures and a high-performance AI Aquilia engine.

– IoT Sensors: Self-developed IoT Sensor that can monitor safety of structures.
(C-Series: Piezoelectric IoT Sensor for Measuring Concrete Curing Strength, E-Series: Tension monitoring for steel rods/tendons, and etc., M-Series: Wire/Rope/Chain/etc Damage Measuring Sensor)
– Aquila Engine: Self-developed AI Engine with the latest algorism and higher accuracy.

Concrete diagnosis solution is our core solution and can be used for monitoring life cycle of structure and safety management.
Concrete cracks can be diagnosed using the Aquila engine to quantify and evaluate quality during maintenance.
The concrete diagnosis solution can be intergrated with the customer’s own web dash board and view report of data and analysis status quicklyto quickly determine the safety situation and take action.